Drawing From the Body


2000 Autopsy. Jack Tilton Gallery, NYC

Drawing from the Body is an evening of performance and interactive video and sound for galleries and museums. It consists of Autopsy, a thirty minute performance with live- feed from two cameras, mixed by Molly Davies. Motley's performance is shot in one room while the changing video mix is largely displayed in another. The audience moves at will between the two rooms. Completing the program is Dressing, a three-monitor installation by Davies of a four minute, three synchronous tape work. Audience members are given cameras; their photographs, along with a mix of the performance video, may be left in installation. Original sound mixed live by d.j. m. singe.

2000 Dressing. video by Molly Davies, performed by Polly Motley

"Polly Motley is a beautifully fluid dancer. The simplicity of her movements were all the more beautiful after the technological wizardry displayed by Davies. All of this was accompanied by the artistry of Beth Coleman who created audio matrices with noise, beat structure and frequency manipulations that was done live during the performance. An invaluable contribution. These three marvelous artists should not be missed."

–George de la Pena, Ballet International