Go Tell Aunt Rhodie


"When it comes to watching Polly Motley dance, this viewer simply feels privileged."

–Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Exclusive Reviews

Fear of heights and chance procedures determine Go Tell Aunt Rhodie, a solo performed on three ladders. The rustling of the extravagant costume by Anna Craycroft, inspired by the Renaissance painter, Pietro Longhi, accompanies the sound that plays through speakers beneath the ladders.

2009 Connecticut College and Stowe, Vermont

The Score

Each word from the lyrics of Go Tell Aunt Rhodie is randomly assigned (i.e. drawn from a hat) a rung on one of three ladders. The dancer follows the sequence of the lyrics, moving from rung to rung as directly as possible while still choosing her timing and allowing the play of images and emotions. The dance lasts between 15-45 minutes, depending on how many times the dancer chooses to repeat the score.